“Making the Wise Choice” Bible Study



Big Idea: Making wise choices is largely dependent on heeding wise counsel.


            Since the beginning of time, man has wrestled with decision-making. Ancient cultures employed what they thought to be the divine wisdom of oracles, seers, and mages. Even people in modern cultures still consider the advice of medicine men, witch doctors, and mediums before making important decisions. The question “What should I do?” has been asked since the beginning of time. The president has a chief of staff that he consults before history-altering decisions. The boss of the mafia has a consigliore that advises him on business matters. And many of us have trusted friends that we would never make a decision before asking for their advice.

But the questions still remain. How do we go about making a wise choice? Who should we go to for wise counsel? When seeking wisdom, where should we look? James advises us to seek the wisdom that comes from heaven (James 3:17). And Jesus imparts us with that wisdom in his Sermon on the Mount (found at Matthew 5 – 7). In this sermon, he touches on a range of subjects from anxiety to handling money. In the seventh chapter, Jesus wraps up his teaching by explaining that the one who listens to his teachings is like a man who built a house upon a rock, but the one who doesn’t listen is like a man who built his house upon sand.



Reading Guide

Day 1: Matthew 6: 16 – 24

Day 2: Matthew 6: 25 – 34

Day 3: Matthew 7: 24 – 27



Questions for Discussion

  • Read James 3:14 – 17
  • What is the difference between earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom?
  • Where can we get “wisdom from above”?
  • Why are Life Groups important when it comes to making wise choices?
  • What are some ways that we can help one another make wise choices?
  • Why is it difficult to apply the wisdom that God has given us in the Bible?



Action Step

Have each person in the group talk about an important decision that they are facing and, as a group, talk about what the wise choice and counsel one another through the decision.


7th Grade Family Event

7th Family Night Slide


When is it? This Friday (April 11th)

Who is it for? 7th graders and their parents

How much does it cost? It’s free!

Why should I go? To learn about being a better parent to your 7th grader.

But, why should my 7th grader go? There will be food.

What time does it start? 6:30 PM

When does it end? 8:30 PM

Do I need to sign up? It would definitely help us out with knowing how much food to buy. Please click here to sign up.



“Our Choices Affect God’s Kingdom” Bible Study


Big Idea: The way we live affects the way nonbelievers perceive Jesus


            In the movie Donnie Brosco, Johnny Depp plays an undercover FBI agent that is trying to infiltrate the mob. He becomes friends with a mobster named Lefty. In one scene, right before Lefty introduces Donnie Brosco to the mafia, he explains how introductions are made. He tells Donnie that he will introduce him as a “friend of mine” and that will tell them that he is a connected guy, but if he were to call him a “friend of ours,” that would tell them that he was a “made-man.”

Have you ever been introduced to someone through a mutual friend? A lot of times, our first impression of someone is largely based on who introduces us to that person. If we have positive feelings toward someone, we will trust that the person they are introducing us to is a good person. If we have negative feelings about someone, we may transfer those feelings to the person we are meeting.

When people know that we are Christians, the way we live is their introduction to Jesus. If we claim to follow Jesus, we are claiming that our lives mirror his. If we have a bad attitude, people perceive Jesus to have a bad attitude. If we treat people poorly, people think that Jesus treats people poorly. If we act like we are better than people, those people will think the same thing about Jesus. But if we live the way Peter instructs us to, their perception of Jesus will be that he is the same way.


Reading Guide

Day 1: 1 Peter 2: 1 – 8

Day 2: 1 Peter 2: 9 – 16

Day 3: 1 Peter 2: 17 – 25



Questions for Discussion

  • How do our lives reflect who Jesus is?
  • What do you think that it means to be an ambassador of Christ? (see 2 Cor. 5:20)
  • Why is it so important for us to follow Peter’s instruction?
  • What do you think is the most difficult part of this chapter to follow?
  • What are some ways that we can give people a positive impression of Jesus?



Action Step

Spend an hour this week talking with a friend in person. Do not look at your phone once during that hour. Show them that you truly care about them and care about what is going on in their life. Talk to them the way Jesus would talk to them.