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“Giving your life away” Bible Study

The high school ministry went on their winter retreat this past weekend and took all of our staff with them, so Darryl Bramer taught in the Transit service. He talked about giving your life away for God. Here is a bible study that you can use to go a bit deeper with your students this week.

Big Idea: When you lose your life, you’ll find it

Listen to the song “Words to Build a Life On” by Mike Crawford & His Secret Siblings. Here is the song on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iuv796s2sI

At Luke 6, Jesus gave us some very difficult teachings. He tells us things that are counter-intuitive like not seeking revenge when someone strikes you and to be happy about people talking bad about you. This chapter is about living your life different than the world lives. The world lives selfishly, wanting to look good in the eyes of other people. However, Christ calls us to give up trying to impress people. That’s what giving your life away means. It means to live your life with a kingdom perspective. Instead of trying everything you can to move yourself up a social stepladder, but trying everything you can to expand the kingdom of God.

Reading Guide

(The Message offers a great perspective on this chapter)

Day 1: Luke 6: 17 – 27

Day 2: Luke 6: 28 – 38

Day 3: Luke 6: 39 – 49


Questions for Discussion:

  • What does it mean to give your life away?
  • Why does Jesus ask us to do such weird things?
  • Why would Jesus us want us to be happy when people talk bad about us?
  • How can we as middle-school students practically give our lives away?

Action Step

Make a conscious effort at least one day this week to do what you answered to the last question.


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