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Ebook: What Now?


This is an ebook for parents of teenagers who are struggling with pornography written by Tasha Levert. Tasha Levert is a counselor and minister from New Orleans, LA.

She earned an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling in 1999, a ThM (Master of Theology) in 2002, and a PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005.

This ebook was written for Parents who discover their teenager has encountered pornography. She focused this ebook on how parents can respond in the first 48 hours in a healthy way.

What Now Ebook


#Trending: ‘What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men!’ | Trends and Teens |

For this #Trending Episode  the author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men, Julie Gorman, joins me to discuss some of the wisdom she has gained throughout her life, and how we can translate that into wisdom for our own children!

Fourth Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST

Here we have the final post of a four part purity series.  Over the past few weeks we have discussed ways to help teens out with purity.  The last three posts have offered us some practical ideas on working with students in this touchy area.  I’d like to end the series by asking youth leaders and parents to do something very hard.


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Third Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST : TEEN QUEST

Last week we continued four part series on purity. It’s something that every kid (and adult) needs to hear. I gave just one piece of advice last week. When you see someone and you know they are attractive BOUNCE YOUR EYES away from them.

This week we need to look at lust from the standpoint of our minds. The eyes were a good start because without putting lustful images in front of our eyes, we begin to get them off of our minds.

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