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#Trending: ‘What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men!’ | Trends and Teens |

For this #Trending Episode  the author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men, Julie Gorman, joins me to discuss some of the wisdom she has gained throughout her life, and how we can translate that into wisdom for our own children!


Fourth Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST

Here we have the final post of a four part purity series.  Over the past few weeks we have discussed ways to help teens out with purity.  The last three posts have offered us some practical ideas on working with students in this touchy area.  I’d like to end the series by asking youth leaders and parents to do something very hard.


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Third Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST : TEEN QUEST

Last week we continued four part series on purity. It’s something that every kid (and adult) needs to hear. I gave just one piece of advice last week. When you see someone and you know they are attractive BOUNCE YOUR EYES away from them.

This week we need to look at lust from the standpoint of our minds. The eyes were a good start because without putting lustful images in front of our eyes, we begin to get them off of our minds.

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Second Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST : TEEN QUEST


Just because you look at someone and find them to be attractive, doesn’t mean you are heading down the road to lust.  There are all sorts of things in this world that are appealing to the eye.  I used to work at an Aston Martin dealership.  For those of you that don’t know Aston Martin’s are the cars James Bond has driven in pretty much every one of his 22 films.  They are … spectacular.  They also run about $260k.  My eyes were attracted to those cars, but as time went on and I spent countless hours of my life day dreaming about winning the lotto to buy a fleet of them, my eyes lusted after those cars.

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First Step Towards Purity – TEEN QUEST : TEEN QUEST


Teenagers have a pretty messed up idea of what it means to be pure.  Look at everything around them.  Take Lady Gaga for instance.  Have you seen this woman on tv?  She is 2010’s version of Madonna.  In fact she’s more like Madonna on steroids.  Take that back.  She’s Madonna on horse steroids!  Lady Gaga is just one of the million ungodly, sex driven influences in teens’ lives.

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Three Final Questions on Teen Dating Relationships

This is the last three videos in our series highlighting questions about relationships from our friends at RemedyLIVE.

transit logo Should I stay and trust my ex?

transit logo What should I do if I think my boyfriend is cheating?

transit logo What should I do if I have trouble forgiving my significant other?

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Five more relationship questions from our friends at RemedyLIVE

RemedyLIVE is an online television station for teens. They have On-Demand Video dealing with all sorts of issues that teens face. Here are five important relationship questions answered by the people at RemedyLIVE:

transit logo Should all past sexual history be shared before the relationship is official?

transit logo How do I start doing a bible study with my significant other?

transit logo What should I do if my significant other’s relationship with Christ is dwindling?

transit logo What is the difference between courting vs. dating?

transit logo Should girls be proactive if they like a guy?

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