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Paige’s Page: The Secret App. | Trends and Teens |


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Now Trending: AskFM | Trends and Teens |

Attention Parents: there is an app out there called AskFM. People can write ANYTHING they want anonymously on your board. The destruction of joy, peace, identity, worth and value all happen with the words stated on this site. I am not one to over spiritualized things, but this app is truly a tool for evil. PLEASE ask your kids about this app and discuss why it is not be a healthy place to be. And talk about how words plant seeds of either joy or destruction.

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#Trending: The Gruzins’ Family and Overcoming CyberBullying! | Trends and Teens |

I had the privilege of meeting this family while I was down in Nashville, and I knew I just had to interview them for the Trending Show. This family has experienced Cyber Bullying on an international scale. Listen as Karlis, Kelli and their daughter Harper have overcome the negativity that this world can dish out.

Conversations With Your Teen About Technology

The typical teenager is constantly connected. Whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, it may seem like your teenager never looks away from a screen. Statistics suggest that over 60% of all web content is sexualized in some way. It is so vital for the spiritual health of your student for you to regulate their use of technology. But conversations about that can be difficult. This is a great discussion about how to have those conversations and how to be diligent about regulating your teens us of technology.